Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Craftings (part 1)

Did you have a merry little Christmas?

I did. Good food, nice gifts and more importantly, family!

I haven't post much last weeks... Well, I'm in my first trimester, and I'm really tired, all the time! And I crafted, a lot... So now I'm gonna kick my ass a bit and and post all the stuff I did (and Mariann's too!)

painting original art for my FIL

Idea from Bakerella

This was for my divorced uncle that always makes himself simple cookies. I bought him fun shaped cutter and made up a pre-made recipe and included the recipe's list of liquid ingredients and steps. He liked it.

sewn a felt owl on for my upcoming nephew

Poptart iPod Cozy for my cousin

BBQ Apron for my FIL (the modeling BF asked his head to be cut off..)

His children and his wife bought him a mini-laptop so he didn't had many gift to open... So I made him a little one. "Chez ce cher Serge" is a running gag because it's kind of difficult to say at first time. Try it, you'll see!

stay tunned, there will be many more stuff to come!

I almost forgot, but I feel the need to enter this week:

Monday, December 21, 2009

Blessed Yule!

Lovely Holly King illustration by Ironshod in dA

Have a Blessed Yule everyone!

I'm sorry for the lack of updating... I'm crafting so much those days! And everything I do are for persons that might end up here. So I can show you since I don't want to spoil... I promise lots of post after Christmas!

I'm also really dizzy and nauseous pretty much all the time... But it's okay compared to last time... I had to take diclectin pills for 7½ months!

...and for the ladies not familiar with Yule... Google it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The big news!

I'm pregnant!

I felt really tired for the past month, and last time I had my period was around Halloween. So today I bought a drugstore test and it rapidly became ++ (whiting a second!). So I need to get a appointment to the doc to confirm, then I call the midwifes :P

All Mariann's room layout as to be re-think now...

p.s: picture are archive from Mariann 32 weeks's echo

Sunday, December 13, 2009

W.I.P. The Play kitchen!

I'm not finished yet. I need to take about 3mm off of the oven door in order for it to close. >___>
But everything else is pretty much done, So I felt like showing you!

I need to paint the inside of the fridge's door.
I'm kind of happy with how full the fridge is :)

Yes, this is a dog bowl. The faucet is a real one taken on ebay for realllllly cheap! All the little ustensils were bought at the dollar store.

Burners are old CD which I've drawn a swirl with sharpies on. Buttons were old washer buttons found were I found the TV cabinet (the guy gave them to me...)

I painted this backyard scene and made the (tiny) drapes

Here's the before shot:

what I still need to do/find:
A grid
something to make an oven element
long enough screws to screw the burners' buttons.
Something nice to put next to the window; art, spice rack....

She's supposed to get "stainless steal" pots and dishes for Christmas from her god-parents.

I feel like showing this to:


Also ladies, I've updated my Etsy shop with great felt food you can get for yours or some else's kids (or for yourself...They make nice pin cushions!)

If you have any ideas to improve this, feel free to tell!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Humble Tree

Today Mariann is 18th Month old. A year and a half.
I've been home since. I heard some woman that couldn't stand being at home.
Well, sorry for those, but I truly enjoy it!
I wouldn't picture myself going to a job that I don't like, having to drop her and pic her from day care everyday, and doing all the chores on top of that because my studying Boyfriend got LOTS of homework and assignments.
I would truly be burned out.

We did a banana bread.

..Had to run a quality test...


Here is our tree for this year.

I left the first part and stood it on a table. there's a shelf so we'll be able to put the gift there :) (well, the really really really well enveloped ones)
I haven't put any ornament on the first row. Nothing for the graby hands!
I think I need to make a skirt..

Last year we had a huge, natural tree. It was beautiful! I'll post it once I find the pic somewhere on this computer... It had fabric poinsettias, birds, rubans...
All that belongs to my mom. And so does this present fake tree.

But all the ornaments in it are mine. Yay! There's not much. Vintage ones that belonged to my Grand-Mother. A couple of "baby's 1st" including two of my cousin's. A 6 year-old school project from myself (a still looking good apple!) wooden forms and 2-3 bows.
I like it, actually.
But it feels alone!
I haven't put up the other deco. It's for another day...

I'm linking to Reoshel cause I finaly have an holiday thing to show :)

The DIY Show Off

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ewell, the winter fairy, and her friends

Some sources states that Ewell means Winter, other says it means Springs... I also read it was a deformation of Yule.

Here she is with her little fur friend. It was meant to be a wolf, according to a patern on dA. Didn't happen. It looks more like a cat... I think I'm gonna name him Pan. Any other sugestions?

close up to her jewels

Rock on!!
Each finger bends, arms and legs too.

Found nothing to make wings, so a bought a ready made butterfly. Now he's too cute and I don't want to kill him so he stays. I'm even trying to find him a name.

Put some beads in her dreads Smiley

Chilling with her mates...

What's funny is that it began to storm as I finished her. I mean: A VERY HUGE SNOW STORM. ahah!

She's made with white felt, her make up is acrylic paint. I was really stressed about that and did that part last. Hair is 100% cotton wool. Stuffing comes from a dead teddy.(a rather ugly one!) her dress in made out of a pair of underwear I never worn due to it being too big (bought by my mom without consulting me...) Fur comes from the previous named dead teddy... I bought the beads and the butterfly.

I went to a point where I didn't want to give it anymore!
It's for the oldest Sis-in-law who's bday is soon enough...
now the younger claimed how much she was jealous.... So. I guess I need to make another one! ah!
I think I'm gonna go with a fall theme for her....or a Twilight theme?

Thanks for looking!

I'm adding this to:


And since It's holiday-ish, and that I don't have my holiday deco back from the other place yet...

The DIY Show Off

Jewelry Holder

My mommy-in-law requested a wooden cabinet that I could paint something on it.
We looked around, found nothing.

So, I came up with this as a "waiting gift" for her, as her cabinet is nowhere to be found! (if you have any idea where I could purchase one on the net, please tell!)

Took a frame and spray paint it white, a 1/4 sheet and some S hooks. It is currently displaying my own collection ... I might make one for me!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Something about me!

I confess:
I am obsessive about project I want to make.

I've stumbled on this Wednesday. Then again on Thursday night, I went to an artisan fair and there was a lady making some. Result??

This lady here.

Her name will be Ewell (she told it to me as soon as she had a face!)

Did you think I took a break from playfood while making her? Ahah! no.
I made some strawberries, an orange, a Brocoli, some Popcycles, many Bows and not yet pictured blueberries (4).

And yes, the dishes are washed and the toilet is clean!

My secret: I tend to forget to sleep and eat. You know, I can't craft much with a 17 months old running around, discovering the awesomeness of spices!

here's Ewell in another angle:

I'm really thrilled about her since it's going to be a gift for my SIL, born early December. Next step is make-up, hair and dress. I want to make a winter spirit out of her.

There's the little thing about me this week. But I'm sure most of you have noticed!

p.s: The play kitchen has its whole pierced for the sink, and the main part that needed to be painted blue is painted. Yay!

p.p.s: Thanks to all the ladies that entered the linky!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Apples, a tutorial

Yes, I'm still making felt food. No break for me! (well, this can be count as one, I guess)

This weekend I made 5 delicious-looking apples, including one that can be cut.

Now, for those coming over from Kimba's and missed my 4 felt food links I add last week to the DIY day, you need to know that I'm making LOTS and LOTS of playfood for my 16month old daughter, for the Play Kitchen I'm slowly making for her, for Christmas.

Want so clues to do some?

I used:
Red felt (free) Green and brown felt (90¢ per sheet) Thread (red, brown and green (from my stash) and stuffer (from a dead teady bear!) oh, white felt, too! (free)
Cost: I didn't take the time to calculate, but it must be something above 3$ for the 5 apples.

Shapes I cut:

4 or those for an apple
or one plus one of those:

For the cut one. (4 times)

For the whole ones, I've run stitched all the part one after the other, closely enough, without gathering and I reverse it all, stuff, and ladder stitched the rest.

For the cut one, I've Overcast stitch the white fabric with red thread. Hand embroiled the seed with brown threat.

For the tail:

In brown fabric. Add leaves if you want!

The trick to make your red ball look like an apple is to pass your needle were the 4 cuts join right through the apple and again to the 4 cut join at the bottom. You pull a little and make lots of knots, then you sew in the tail.

Hope you understood something out of my quite explaination!

Wednesday, I'm doing a second édition of My project under 15$.
This time the twist is that it should be something you gave, or going to give!
Hope you'll find something to link!

Have a nice week!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Something about me!

I make to-do lits. LOTS of them.
Even being on top of some of my list, my island isn't even here yet. So no island for now. I really don't know how I'm gonna be able to thrick Papa Tattoo into bringing it here before xmas.... I might treat him with the food aspect: I'll be making way more cooking if I had my island!

Also, those,

are still looking the same way. Maybe a little more dirty. Meanwhile, the almost varnish-less table is getting more and more difficult to wash...

And nope, the superbe yellow chandelier for the Yellow Room isn't hung yet. At this point I don't think it'll ever be...

My biggest list right now: The PlayFood list!

I do about 2 to 4 item everyday, yet it's still growing.
I took a break this evening... for now...

I made a list for my xmas gifties. Most of them are DIY. I've gotta start on those.
Speaking of gift, remember that I'll put up a linky this Wednesday about that :)

now I'm off doing a collar for a sis-in-law...

Gotta check something off my to-do list today!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Yellow Room's rugs

When I made my post about The Yellow Room, I realized I neglected the rugs in my pictures... But They are really funny and playful, so I'm taking a break from my felt and I'm showing them to you!

The Fluffy one (7$)

The Flower one (15$) courtesy of my mom...

And my personal Favorite(15$) courtesy of my mom...

When I made my post about The Yellow Room, I realized I neglected the rugs in my pictures... But They are really funny and playful, so I'm taking a break from my felt and I'm showing them to you!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Play with your food! (the blog)

I don't have a fancy button for it yet, but I've created a new blog just for my foodie creations (so I can stop spaming my mommy blog).

You can see the spaghettini plate I made yesterday here :)

Hope you'll enjoy and become a Follower!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yesterday's batch + a coffee cozzy

Yesterday was all about breakfast! I made a sliced bread and some eggs, to go with the bacon.

At least I could diggest those egg!

I made this for Papa Tattoo:

Saw some on etsy here. Told myself I could easily do it!

Then today I felt on Edie's post from her 12 days of xmas series. It was enough to take a break from the food (I'm still trying to make decent egg! try #4).

Mine is actually way simpler then hers; All I did was cut the right size according to the cardboard cup I had on hands (a small btw). I blanket stitched the side with brown threat and I embroidered this image found out of google. It really pleased my geeky lover!
As for the Velcro, it has sticky back, so no need to sew!

Since it's not too late I'm adding this post too to Kimba's


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