Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last night was a productive night

Some time ago I had a lovely lady requesting for 4 pre-made heads for her to make dolls to her daughter and nieces. I finally got around making them last night and finish them today. It feels great to have something to check off my to-do list, and I can't wait to see the final result of them all! (You're obligated to sent me pics, Luiza!)

At the same time I made those; a little family for a little girl that just turned 3yr old on Easter day. We met them at the place I probably talked about already... full of old ladies rocking babies while the mommies drink coffee... And the little girl and Mariann get along so well! True, Mariann get along with almost every kid of every age... You should have seen her go on four leg with a 9 month old today! Quite hilarious! So our girls get along very well, our boys are about the same age too... for now they are only cute to sit one next to each other...we'll see how the friendship will develop... And I had my last of peg dolls laying around waiting to be used. Now I have a good reason buying more.

Merrick, around 2 month old (he's grown that much already?)

I'm desperate to use my sewing machine! Someone requested me a Pixie Suit... and it's all cut out waiting to be sewn together... and I was able to assemble half a pilot hat tonight... But here's my sewing time..Or better yet, the time I can't sew: when Papa studies (aka all the time he's there), when Merrick is awake (because he's a real attention whore) when Merrick sleeps (most of the time, it wakes him up) and when we eat...because I like to eat my meal hot and freshly cooked when it is... So if you look at that schedule... Leaves very little time for me!

That's it for the show-off/ranting post! I'm still very stressed about knowing where we'll go next year... Ahhhhrrr... I need a shower!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breadmaking (with a toddler)

excuse the blurry pictures, it was late so no sun!


This week has been really poor in activities; all my tantrum driven toddler wanted to do is complaining and/or watching a movie, so I got the habit of packing them in their spring coat and outdoor we went. Or course the little dinosaur 8½month old, 8 teethed, growling baby don't want to go off mommy a second... I think using the word exhausted to describe my self isn't abusive.

preparing the dough

After a very very mentally hard day (how about non-stop 4h of "AHHH! NOoooooo! I DON'T!!!!") I proceeded into washing the dishes after souper and, miracle, the toddler wanted to help! So enjoying the fact that she wasn't shouting anything and seemed open to participate, I took out the bowl of bread dough from the fridge. I already told you about 5 min artisan bread but haven't write you a real feedback yet. So there it is!

replacing the dough

The recipe is really simple and so is the bread to make. I know it by heart now and it really takes no time and gives you a so, so better bread than anything you could buy off a rack (of course!). Their basic way to cook it, a boule, wasn't the best for us as this bread is mostly consumed as breakfast, therefor is toasted, so I took out my loaf pan (and followed instructions indicated in the book for a moisty white sandwich loaf). Mariann even took out her toy one (a real one, just tiny) and so has her mini loaf as well. You bet she loves it!


I don't have the baking stone and the steam thing but my bread come out just great. It's moist and toast very well and is good with anything on it; either brie or almond choco spread or peanut butter+banana... It also making really good sandwich, and I feel good making an organic loaf of bread for my family to enjoy... knowing 100% what goes in their mouth! I don't know exactly how cheaper it is... I shall count it one day.

I've halven the recipe and I add whole grain wheat and rye to my mix. I usually grease my pan with olive oil. I would make the full recipe but only have a container able to hold the half...

letting rise

Of course, I couldn't let you go without some cuteness.
On s'aime fort!

Merrick started opening his mouth to welcomed kisses! He also started to move his butt a little. Oh, growing so fast. He still can't avoid Mariann's crisis of affection (and there are a lot of them in a day!)..Now instead of saying "I love you" she says what can be translated as "We love each other a lot".

Oh yes we do... but for tonight I love the fact that they are both asleep, my dishes are washed, ny laundry done and my time to spare!

And before I forget, this weekend lots of you will celebrate Easter, maybe you'd like to check the felt bunny tutorial I made last year!

Monday, April 18, 2011


We are still waiting on other people's decision about whether or not Papa would make a good physician. As I stated earlier, their choice will decide our next move; where we'll live for a little while.

So he spent his weekend on the road, literally, between 2 University (one 8h away, the other 9h but on another direction) to take their personality tests, dropping us somewhere on the road, at my uncle's.

We had a far better time then Papa.

It made me think that with all that is uncertain, they are still little (huge) things that is most likely to stay the same.

I know for certain that if I call said uncle to stay for a weekend, he won't say no. I know that my lovely 6' tall cousin will sleep on the (not even lazyboy) couch to let us sleep in his queen size bed. I know that my now 12 yr old cousin will hug me all weekend long like when he was 4, even if he's now taller then me! I know that lasagna and pizza will be prepared mushroomless for me, without having to ask. I know we'll end up listening to the most silly thing there's on tv, for a good laugh. I expect to have a good time, and you can bet I did.

Mariann stopped being a baby sometime this weekend.

There's something about the family you only see 2-3 times a year that make every minutes spent together special and precious. I love that Mariann actually reminded we went last summer and was exited when I told her where we were going. I love how conversation flows like they never were interrupted. I love how they accepted the man I chose so easily and now cherish my children like they were their own grand children (cake and chocolate included).

Family. We don't have a house (yet), but we have a lot of homes to come home to.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

on a Thursday morning

picture taken at 6h30 am

happy feet

artsy mess


hard work

beautiful colors



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

right now, I AM:

I'm going to use Lisa's new formula of right now I AM to get myself back into blogging after more then a week of not posting...

thankful for the sidewalks that are finally cleared of snow
loving to be able to dress a little less warmly
grateful for March to be over;
exited for what April has to give!
enjoying seeing my daughter make my son laugh out load by doing silly faces
feeling tired and exhausted, but happy
welcoming spring, please come quickly
right now I AM happy, content to live this life of mine.

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