Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Crafty Witch: Hocus Pokus Spellbook

I was the one organizing the Halloween swap on the hair forum this year; and Here's one of the things I made for my swappie:

So, my big project (and fav) A Cooking Spellbook, inspired by Hocus Pokus :)

Filled with magical recipe; True Blood, Waffles Wands, Edward's Kiss, Butterbeer....

How I made the Spellbook;
-Reused a cereal box.
-Made a white ball out of modeling clay, stuck a teddy bear eye on it (I cruelly destroy plush to reuse their eyes and their filling...)
-Shaped a first layer of eyelid with red modeling clay, the next with newspaper+modpodge
-Newspaper for the other relief too; paint it all in brilliant red, played with paint after; brown, lighter shades of red, black, etc... With different dry brush techniques
-Sewn along the relief I made
-Had the "silver" details.
-Modpodged scrapbook paper inside the book (so you couldn't see the big roster anymore, ahah) and hide the sewing
-attached rubans, which holds the page. I was going to hand bound it but I figure it would take 3 eternity....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Blessed Full Moon
I love dA. Image taken here

The Crafty Witch: Portable altar

Yet again, it's another gift I made for a swappie.

There's many reason to make a travel altar. Obvious would be that you travel often... You can also have really little space, or a need to hide it.

Here's what I used, and why:
Keep in mind that this altar is specifically more water centered.

Tiny glass of water, with a blue blister pearl, to represent water.
Tiny glass of salt, with green corals, to represent earth.
A tea light with a match; for fire
A incense cone with a incense burner, and a tiny butterfly for air.
A tiny pentagram charm, as a pentacle
A tiny bell,
A tiny hand bound Grimoire (or BoS)
A moon charm, a sea shell and a lapis lazuli charm, to reinforce water,
An mini athamé, made with a straight needle and some beads.

A denim "altar" cloth with a ruban running on the surrounding. When you pull it, it makes a pouch.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Caramel recipe


This is a total hit every time I make some (c.i. : the BF can eat a jar for himself with a spoon in 3 days or so... ). And it's really, really easy.

1/4 cup of butter.
It state unsalted but mine was and it tastes really good so...
1 1/4 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of milk
3/4 cup of corn syrop
1 can of Eagle bran

What to do with all that
  1. In a bain-marie, melt the butter.

  2. Add everything else. Mix.

  3. Cook on low, uncovered, for 20 minutes and then cover for 40 minutes de plus. NEVER STIR.

  4. Take out of the fire and let rest for 5 minutes.

  5. With a wooden spoon, stir for 1 or 2 minutes, or until you get the consistence you want.

  6. Pur in mason jar (or any jar...) and put in the fridge for 2h.

It was delicious after 2h hours and even better the next morning on my toasts!
But the recipe only gave me a Mason jar and a 2/3.

Do you make your caramel?
Do you have your own recipe?

If not, try this and

The Crafty Witch: Mère Nature

This is something I made for a swap, my partner being this lovely lady. I made her some nicknacs for Yule, and with her love for puppets, made her a little Mère Nature :)

The pattern can be found here, it's totally free, and for this since I've shrinked it to ¼.

And made her several outfits and some nice little boots too :)
Lots of How-to can be found here.

I've stitched it all by hand and She measures around 7 inches. The face features are embroidery.

You'll enjoy making one, but I warn you; it's somewhat addictive!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


January altar,now covered with Imbolc goodies for a swap partner on craftster

I really, really don't know much about Imbolc.

It's a totally new celebration to me. I wouldn't be a good Wiccan, I know that.
Even if I've been familiar with paganism for about 10 years, I've never been much interested by the festivities, well those that wasn't already part of my culture. Of course, Samhain and Yule were the first, easily incorporated. Also Litha, which is meant to be celebrate around a bonfire; St-Jean Baptiste, Québec's National day, in celebrated with a bonfire on July 24th. And Ostara, easter never was about Jesus in my house. But pretty much every other Sabbaths are new to me; even if I understand instinctively the Sabbaths on equinoxes and solstices, I'm still researching for information about the true purpose of Beltane, Lughnasad and, the one concerning us right now, Imbolc.

Happily enough for me, great Pagans like Mrs.B writes nice articles about Imbolc, PaganDad does that, too. Hey, even Wiki can be useful!

So now I know a little more what Imbolc is about. Yet again, I still don't feel like I know much. It's seems to be a very light, simple Sabbath. It's attached to femininity and fire. It's a time for cleansing and welcoming Spring. Dairies should be honored, as well as cakes, cookies and meat.

I at least will be able to prepare a proper meal for Imbolc!

Friday, January 22, 2010

My presentation to the Pagan bloging world

I'm a 20 year old stay at home mommy. That does crafts all the time. I've stubble upon "the" craft when I was around 10. A book, like for many of us. As I child, I lived alone with my hard-working mother. She wasn't a believer, except when it comes to astrology, but that's about it. However she was really open and paid me the book, titled "White Magic" - it was obvious what the book was about. It explained the basic wiccan principles, which I found really enjoyable, and I start doing my research on the internet. Soon I had mounted what people call today an Ebook of Shadow. I was really interested with the herbs and the elements, and all their correspondence. My dresser soon became full of candles borrowed from my mom, and I had made a pentacle out of wax. I would light them often, but I did no intricate ritual until recently.

I come from an atheist family. God, or any other divine for that matter, doesn't exist.

I've always been interested in mythologie, and even christianity, but It's really hard for be to beleive, even in the great Goddess.

So in that sense... I'm not a great Wiccan at all, but I might be still on the running to be a witch.

Here's what I beleive on magic: I beleive in the psyche. In psychosomatic effect. I beleive that working on yourself is the best way to better yourself. I believe in the energy. I beleive life is sacred. I beleive that every act we do, every word we say has it's meaning and bring its own energy. I believe in meditation and I aslo believe that everything works according to the same circle, birth, life and death. I believe in its symbols, and the strenght of a symbol.

That's why paganism reached me. That's why I say I'm a witch.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Later than expected

My midwife wasn't sure about the due date so I passed a dating ultrasound yesterday

Turns out the new due date is August 10th :)

also, I've opened yet another blog, The pagan side, which will be more about introspection, pagan crafts and recipe, spiritual stuff. There's absolutely nothing on it yet, but I promise it to become interesting...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh, I'm sorry I have nothing new. Not even a midwife appointment to relate, because the secretary forgot to tell me the right place. So I starved for nothing -I needed to take a blood test. Anyway, the nausea are almost gone. I'm still eating every half of hour though. I'm currently starving for cookies.

The only good news I can provide you is that Make your Monday is back at The Twice Remembered Cottage. And no, I don't have much to enter.

Maybe, soon, I'll get to say that the play kitchen is totally finished, now I need a really sturdier glue for the burners. And get that stupid oven door cut!

And the kitchen table? Forget about it. Absolutely no time to do it alone and no energy whatsoever!

But; maybe, and I'm quite hopeful, the green dresser will get to me before Papa get back to school. I'm waiting for you.

Have a nice week, people!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Craftings (part 2)

I'm sorry I'm such a terrible blogger. I've been away for days and I'm still really dizzy!
I'm sending you my best wishes for the new year anyway :D

Here's the second part of the craft I did for my relatives:
First, a second poppet, this one for my younger SIL. She's called Liah and she's a Vampire, rah!

Painted Make-up, synthetic hair (made by me)


Some blood, just in case...

The dress is made out of a top I had that I wore A LOT and doesn't fit anymore. The body is white felt and she's filled with dead teddies. Her legs, arm and finger are articulated with pire cleaner.

Next I painted on wine glasses with vitrea 160. This product is great. You paint, wait 24h and then cook them in your own stove at 300 F. I went for classical Ivy leaves as it was a surprise, not requested present (that I knew my in-laws would love). They say they'll get 4 other glasses so they can have a larger set.

Oven mittens, apron and hand towels

For my daughter of course! She put the mitten right away after unwrapping her music box.. which picture should got next... uh! forgot to take a picture of it. Will got next I guess...

What the best part of the Holidays? Having every meal with Papa!

must read: Papa cooked so Maman got a break! :D

Frozen strawberries
Frozen blueberries
1 or 2 banana(s)
An apple
Apple Juice (the real one that is brown)
+ any fruits you see fit.

Top crêpes (or pancakes) or even waffles with that and you get a baby full of nutriments all over her body (but most ended up in her belly)

Don't forget to take out the cloths, it's highly stainable.

oh, and it's Monday:

I must add this too:

Because it's back! Yay!

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