Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday; Something about me!

Hi ladies!
Thank you all for the very nice comments on my daughter's room!!
And for the bunch of new followers !

Now, I want to make something... I decided that each Sunday, I'll tell you something personal about me. not too personal... But something I feel like telling you, so you can know me better!

So, for this week, I'll show you something really personal, yet displayable; My Tattoos!

The very first

This is obviously a "before baby" pic. I was... 16! It's something I draw in class, and automaticly knew it was my first tattoo, and where to put it.


This sits on my left hip; I got a friend having the same at the same place. We got it around St.Patrick's! It's a "bookmark" for what I was at, at that time. Oh.... complicated teenager times!!

not much older on this one; 18

This tattoo has more meaning than the Crab and the Cancer constellation. (I'm born middle of July)
I got it on my ex's birthday, a little before quitting our abusive relationship. He hates tattoos.

This one speaks for itself!

Got it a month after giving birth. Again, I did the design.

On to those I did myself.
(With a professional machine, sterile equipment and a room design to tattoos in our previous house)

My kind of humor....

The province I live in were built by French Catholics, and I mean REALLY Catholics. Image and symbols from that religion is omnipresents, you know, I live in the ST-Joseph street, crossing the Cathédral avenue.... I adore strawberries, and played with the sacred-heart theme. Hope it doesn't offend anyone!

My thigh

This one is on hold due to the no-place-to-tattoo problem... But it'll eventually get filled with colors, and more flowers are supposed to be added.

Look at the skull....

It's the very first one I did! Yet I don't have any good picture featuring it. It's all blown out (when the pigment sits in the fat, instead of the skin- meaning I went too deep) but I love it!
The weird rose is now filled with red. Again... don't have a good picture of it.

I told something about me!
If you have questions about tattoos, I'd be happy to answer!

So, I you want to tell something about you, go ahead, and link me the post in your comment. I'll probably set a linky for next week!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My wish list

It's a lovely idea!

first, I'd like to introduce -those that haven't been yet- you to Wists (being short for Wish Lits).
mine,, is filled with Harry Potter crafts and Pagan stuff. I won't start adding furniture... I've got enough pages already!

So, What I wish... (I'll SO refer Papa Tattoo here at xmas time! ahah)

A BED. We're sleeping on the floor (matress, on the floor)... It's really practical for bébé Tattoo to hop in and out... but, least to say, very NOT décor.
This one?... not gonna happen. Papa Tattoo's 6'5" won't let me.
This one would be more likely. I love rich wood, Classical stuff

Melissa's Kitchen Waldorf style wooden with by imaginethatwoodshop

again. won't happen. I mean... the price tag!!!!

But I'll make one... just like out of the crayon box does them..
Yet another picture!
Just need to find the right night stand/cabinet, now!

We could use two new ones (that would match!) too!

I need some classic fabric the re-upholster our dinning table set.

Queen Anne Style couch
Some personality filled couch (ok, maybe NOT that color....)

Grange  SofaOr something with cleaner lines...

Never ever enough quilt and blankets. Not here!

Pretty please?
Need.Storage.Immediatly. *glaces at plastic bags holding plastic containers on the floor*
And PLEASE, give me some fancy, and QUIET washer and dryer.

I'd take a dishwasher too.

Any of them. As to be quiet <--my only requirement.

Enough now... Thanks for looking!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Stuff!

I'm the one organizing the Halloween swap on the hair forum this year; and Here's all the Halloweeny goodies I made for my swapie:

First, my big project (and fav) A Cooking Spellbook, inspired by Hocus Pokus :)

Filled with magical recipe; True Blood, Waffles Wands, Edward's Kiss, Butterbeer....

My second bag I ever make, and the most intricate! I tried making a buttercup bag... The hoppening is very narrow.... But I like it anyway ...

It's lined with Orange burlap

The inside of the Halloween couture kit, for fun (it might interest the most curious...):

one of the tiny pumpkin pincushion inside

Her fav color is deep purple, and those were so cute I bought them.

Inside are really salted pumpkin seeds... Made it look like it was coming out of Honeydukes...

I made little pouch for everything, too.

If you were wondering how I made the Spellbook;
-Reused a cereal box.
-Made a white ball out of modeling clay, stuck a teady bear eye on it (I cruelly destroy plush to reuse their eyes...)
-Shape a first layer of eyelid with red modeling clay, the nexts with newspaper+modpodge
-Newspaper for the other relief too; paint it all in brillant red, played with paint after; brown, lighter shades of red, black, etc...
-Sew along the relief I made
-Had the "silver" details.
-Modpodge scrapbook paper inside the book (so you couldn't see the big roster anymore, ahah) and hide the sewing
-attached rubans, which holds the page. I was going to handbound it but I figure it would take 3 eternity....

I'd like to add this post to Reoshell's über-super-very cool Fall linky!

The DIY Show Off

And the DIY Day, too!

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mariann's room reveal!!!

Prepare yourself for lots of sunny pictures!!
There it is, my little girl room, the only room actually décored in our apart....
There's still bits not finished (the chandelier is still not installed, and I have yet to find the perfect width handle for the changing dresser) Have I mention the ceilling is at 9"?... with my 4"10, had some problem installing curtains whitout a ladder.... How about a chandelier?

A good view when you enter the room.
It's the only sunny room of the whole apartment,
but it's sunny ALL the time.....

Most accessories were taken at the dollar store...
Like the lanterns, mirror, boxes, even the wooden letter.

But some are more special- Donald came right from Disney land, thanks auntie :)
And porcelain figures from my grand-ma... The books are a mix of new and mine or Papa Tattoo's old one.
The ceramic teady tirelire was handpainted by me- It was neutral gender at first...
But I couldn't resist adding the pink!

I painted most of the furniture yellow (oh, spray paint!!) Like the bookshelf - I tryed finding it used, but finally had to buy it, in it's contre-plaqué wood state :(-, the bench and the rocking chair.

painted the little crib too...

And that mirror, with those plant box...

And the art gallery frames where painted, too....

I've added a label with her name, the date, the surface and the medium for each master piece ^^

Her très minimal bedding- She doesn't even use it anyway...

The crib (which I HATE) was a gift from my mom's friend -It is used. I can't wait to upgrate to her captain bed (white), and throw in the propper bedding (scroll down). What you see inside the grib is the pillow case only, which is big enough for now...

Her full name sits above the closet....

...Which hides the dresser , freshen up with new hardware.

The yellow plate was painted by my mom, who waited 4 months before finally knowing what name to write on it! You can aslo have a sneak peak at the chandelier (and its shades) That are yet to be installed.... and no, we does not use washables diapers anymore. Papa Tattoo wasn't helping enough... :( I'll try harder for the next one!

The changing table/dresser.

Can you beleive there's actually empty drawers in this room? I've change the knobs for the to first drawers matching with the dresser in the closet.... But the yellow handles are too wide, and I need to find new ones...
Also, I hung my fav newborn cloths of her, put a new shade on an old lamp, a wooden L and another painting of her own :)

The wall sidding the closet, when you enter the room.
I repainted the butterfly so it fits.
The doll backpack is a thrifty find.

I made all the cushion myself, with a little help from my mom
I found the bench half-off. It had the perfect top, but the rest was white.... Spray paint again!
My daughter loves it! I guess it makes her feel so grown up!
The curtains, I found them it that shape. I added little butterflies. There's butterflies here and there -a rug, photo holders, hangers, her quilt, in the plant box...- As for the fabric for all those cushions, which were found at the same time as the curtain, I paid 5$ for a bag load of fabric in a thrift store; pink tartan, purple polkat dots, purples, plushie yellow...
I purchased the 2 set of 3 baskets (makes 6 of them right?) for the other place, where it was holding Bébé Tattoo's newborn cloths in a closet... Now they can be at view! (and hold tons of plush and toys...)

...perfect place to read...

...or to snack!

She's now able to get on her chair by her own mean!

It was my first décor project and I'm really glad how it turned out. My daugther loves it so much! (which was what mattered first, right?) Everything was planned for another room, way bigger, with more windows but less closets... I had to rethink everything...Even had to incorporate a changing area ( the bathroom counter was wide enough at the other place...)

Now, how did it cost?

I'm actually asking myself, probably more then I thought I would...
so, let's start (notice that price is in Canadian dollars) :
Crib; Free.
Dresser; Papa Tattoo's old dresser, so free.
Frames; most of them free, bought 2 for 5$.
Bench; 20$ (½ off)
Baskets; 30$ for 6.
Plastic baskets and other dollar store accessories (which includes flowers, butterfly net and hanger); around 25$
Fabric; 5$
Chandelier; free
(was in my mom's garage)
Shades; 31$ for 5. (from eBay)
Changing table crystal Lamp: free (was in my mom's garage too)
Shade; 10$
Planter box; free (again, the mom's garage)
Kid size crib and rocking chair; free
Flower hooks; 2X4$
Mirror; Free (it was abandoned t at the other place)
Bedding; gift from my mom.
Butterfly and Flower rug (that you can't see in the pics I've taken...); gift from mom.
The shagy purple rug; 7$ (½ off)
Yellow spray paint; 6x 7,99$
Flower knobs; 6x4$
Simple handles; 9x1,50$

...Which makes a total of.... 226,50$!
Yay! only 26$ over budget! Thanks for the helping mom!

Hope you enjoyed!!
I'd like to link my post to those, this week...

Oh, and the lovely lady (sorry, couldn't find a name anywhere) from Spearmint featured it! It's here! Thanks! ^_^

And the lovely Reoshel did it too, check out The DIY Show off, it's featured in her
Feminine Features - Surprise Party :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Full Name Is...

I found something to put above her closet.

Acrylic on wood. Her first name.
We automatically agreed on the name. No discussion... And I don't even remember who proposed it first...

Acrylic on canvas and Framed scrapbook page. Middle names.
It's her godfather's name. It's mostly used as a boy name here but it's more common in France for a girl... It's what I proposed first, but Papa Tattoo found it too tough to wear as a girl.
Larouche is my family name. And wanted to put it in her name, yet she wouldn't have to wear it daily.

Framed embroidery. Her last name.
It's my first time doing that! It was a tad frustrating yet fun. I really like the name. It sound like mine ^_^. I'll tell you something cute; me and Papa Tattoo knows each other since kindergarten. We've always been matched together in row, or in teams, because of the alphabetical order. Were side by side on both Primary school and Secondary school's albums. Yet I've always been the smallest, and him, the tallest!
Papa Tattoo comes from a true hardworking family, with great values. I'm proud my baby wears their name.

Now everything is made from stuff I already had, except the scrapbook stuff and the wood plate (3$ in total).
Can't wait to install the yellow chandelier and show off all the room!

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