Friday, February 25, 2011

{This moment}

a wee tiny part of this week... Imaged.

Sewing Bee a day late

Well, I didn't post yesterday...Because I was actually sewing! And I'm a busy bee indeed! My nephew's Birthday is March 2, and somehow my brain didn't notice that I'll be 3 day short at the end of this month. But oh, I'm almost done (with the sewing part, at least)

He is going to be 1 and I've made him a crown. And a piece of cake (not finished on this picture). We are living about 8h away... So I don't get to see him that often, let alone know what he needs! So I try coming up with stuff I know he doesn't have. Like the doll I made him this summer.

So I'm adding this to week 3 of the sewing bee. (And now I'm back at sewing!)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I wanted to let you know that I'm giving a 7" Dolls at One small change!

This one, more exactly!

So if you took part of this month's change you can leave a comment there and have a chance to win! There's also a set of bamboo cutlery this month. It's my first giveaway! I'm really exited for this doll to get a new home and get played with a little eco-in-making person :)

I also wanted to point out my sidebar ---------------------------------->
Where you'll find a newly made Demilunes Dolls shop FB page, it's mostly update in French because I made it to complement the etsy shop and reach more local possible buyer, but don't be shy if you want to post in English on it!

You can also hop over my etsy shop for ready made dolls or order a custom one :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yarn Along

Okay. I'm definitely not that good at knitting (for now) But I like crocheting a lot. So I guess I'm halfway there in my year's resolution? Since now I know how to make all those neat kinds of crochets, without having to refer somewhere! :)

So I can join Ginny and the rest today!

Pictured above is supposed to be a doll cardigan. I took the pattern here.
I really don't know if I understood everything correctly, thought. We'll see!

As for the book, I'm reading a french edition of Witch'Storm by James Clemens.

It has everything to be epic, including halflings, eternal knights, witches and wizards, nympheas and evil emperor. It even has a druids named Méric! Of course, it's happening far far away, long time ago! The kind of book to read if you don't want to think much, you just enter in it from a feed to another.

As for Artisan bread in 5min a day, It is currently cooking in my oven. I finally got around trying it. It actually takes some planning! But we'll see. I'll update this post tonight and will let you know!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A new camera, for Mariann

As I said last week, my camera is of to repair. Oh, we miss it already.

Last night, for fun, I sat Merrick on Mariann's rocking chair. I thought she'd say "Oh, how funny" or "it's MY chair!!" at worst. But no.

She said "Photo!" and ran off to the living room.

Is this a typical 2½ behaviour? Or I'm totally responsible for that?

Since last time, she used the camera again and again. Which made me think of buying her a real camera for herself. I first looked at the toyish one. Ew. I feel she'd get tired pretty quickly of a huge, plastic camera that takes bad pictures. And I don't want to get more plastic in this house.

So I've bid on a used Nikon, I'll have to find a battery charger and a cable for it. I might just as well buy a new one if I loose this bid. I'm not buying the brand new thing, as it's going to a 2½ yr old, but I want her to truly learn and enjoy taking pictures.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our New and Improved Morning Yoga Routine

I really should be sleeping but I have an horrible tooth ache. A huge one. One that keeps you awake even as tired as your are. And I am tired. I really should be sleeping.

But while it passes down a little.. I'll talk to you about doing Yoga with a toddler.
Mariann in the middle of a salutation... I'll try taking newer pictures tomorrow.

Because we've just started back. Like, Monday. I had huge back pain while pregnant and it's now fading with each day of yoga.

Mariann and I do simple poses when we wake up. (Merrick is either sleeping or playing with our toes.)
I start with laying poses for my back, then we do the more fun stuff with props (leg stretch with strap, bridge with block) which keep Mariann captivated. We do downdog and lunges, warrior poses. We then do corpse pose and she off to play. Usually by that time Merrick wakes up or is too tired... But if he's okay/still sleeping, then I do more complicated poses, mostly balance ones. Then we breakfast.

Here's our routine:
  • Pelvic tilt
  • Bridge (with support)
  • Supta (leg stretch with strap... pictured in previous post as Mariann's new favourite)
  • Cat stretch
  • Downdog
  • Lunges
  • Straight leg lunge
  • plank
  • cobra
  • Mountain
  • Salutation
  • Uttanasana (forward bends)
  • Warrior III
  • Tree
  • Eagle pose (well... I try!)
*corpse with Mariann somewhere in there...

I have to say that I am not, by any means, a pro at yoga. I've never attended a class, nor I know someone who did. I just felt it would be right for me and educated myself with books and internet.

I can't afford a class, and I have no time to do so (where would I put my babies??) so doing it when we feel like it (in the morning, straight when we wake up, before breakfast) is the best way for us. I'd love to attend a class, thought!

The Dirty, Broken camera

Oh, I need to get my camera back to canon to repair...

Only, last time, it lasted a whole month (you know, October, the month I didn't blog at all?) And it got back the same, only they had switched the display from French to English. Very Useful...



And I can't seem to be willing to separate myself from it ... But well, I need to before the 3 yr warranty expire (November...) so. You might see a little less picture here for some time... I need to send it to repair OR get a new one. We'll see!

That fact that the lens is dirty is all my fault though (well, maybe Mariann's as well).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Fairies!

Hop over The Whimsical Cottage to read my guest post for the February Fairies! I show you how to make this little fairy house and its Snow drop fée resident! And while you're there, read other's guest post (16 this far!) and browse the rest of Danni's amazing creativity!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little dress that could...

They were giving a box of Christmas dress at the place I go each week (which is half playgroup half mommy break) But everyone passed on them because of the christmasness. But I had valentine on mind. Red and cream makes a good valentine dress!

Mariann's new favourite yoga pose (and the only picture that didn't come out blurry...)

Mariann loved the stocking that came with it ("Shoe Socks!!") and when I put it on to make sure the 18mo would still with her she run around saying "Santa Claus Mayann!".

So I waited for her to be in bed, else it would have been a major crisis of "breaking" her dress. I've ripped the sleeves and use the scraps to make flower embellishment. Mariann found it very pretty!

I went hunting for heart, and this one was my favorite

Hope they stay blue, like his father...

I knew the food colorant was too low on the shelves...

We made [really sugary] heart shaped cookie which are almost all eaten by now. I have a truffe recipe waiting in the fridge but somehow I can't find anytime!

Mr. Merrick has ....6 teeth now! Still 2 to come which hopefully will be very soon. I could use some sleep! Maybe I have short memory but I don't remember being that exhausted with Mariann. Oh wait, with Mariann I was able to get some sleep in the morning...that might be why.

But I managed to make a tutorial for my dearest Danni at The Whimsical Cottage, you'll see that tomorrow! (My daughter just can't stop playing with it!). See you tomorrow!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spreading myself

I think I've been somehow, somewhere, brainwashed to think I can do it all. I can sew, make dolls, paint, tattoo, knit, crochet, make bread, healthy meals, breastfeed, hand bound books, do a yoga routine the morning, have an interesting activity for my toddler per day, have all my laundry done and survive to tell.

I take on a sewing project and remember how much I love making little dresses. Then I start a painting, and wonder why I haven't paint for a while... Well, I was sewing. I've tattooed a friend the other day (in a safe environment with one-use sterile needles) and it felt so great to get back at this intricate hobby of mine...But why haven't I tattooed for a while? I'm taking care of my babies, no place to tattoo in this tiny apartment. So I sew, and paint and craft.

Sometime I think about storing everything to just keep my sewing stuff out. Sometime I want to get the sewing stuff out of view and only have my art stuff so I'll draw more. But I need diversity. I've assumed I'm never going to be excellent at everything, nor at one special thing... but with time I might be good enough at all sort of things.

I want to be that... It's a kind of independence. I have a creative mind and the more means I know to make stuff I think happen, the better!

I would be so bored otherwise!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


(For those coming from the sewing bee, dress details at the end of the post)

I often find myself overwhelmed. By fatigue, by happiness coming from deep inside, by memories I sometime wish I had forgotten. I let it change my mood from total joy to sorrow and pain. I happens a lot when I listen to tv, or read a book. I relate a lot to the persons, characters, and I'm very empathic.

Sometimes it gets to me so much I shake, or become nauseous, physical y don't feel well. I must say. I'm a very anxious person.

I don't really feel I will/want to change this level or sensibility. It's a huge part of who I am and defines how I'm interacting with people.

It renews my love for the sweet life I'm living, and reminds me how lucky I am to hold such reasons to be happy. (even if I my eyes blurry often)

"Oh! Look! Maman, Look! Maman made new dress for Mayann!"

I'm feeding on emotions, hopefully I have this very joyful, enthusiasm, curious little being with me, 24/7.

I'm in the process of purging, and this was a dress that was giving to me last summer. Since it wouldn't fit anytime soon, and Mariann was running out of polkadotness to wear, I've made some edits so she can wear it. I've cut one row of fabric and re-sew the top, only I've stripped out the "between boob" elastic and overlapped it to fit Mariann's waist. The thin strap. were bra-like. Instead of chopping all off I used the back ring to attach the criss-crossed straps (and I felt brilliant).
Oh, it felt good to sew something wearable (not that I don't like sewing dolls, in the contrary!)

Next step? sewing something for myself.

Any means are good...

I don't have much for this yarn along. I've stitched some rows on my scarf, nothing worth showing off really! And I made another heart, white this time.
I tried the pattern Ginny had talked about but somehow it doesn't give anything looking like a heart....

But I have a book this time! That is worth writing of... I've actually found about it in this very yarn along. I thought I'd give it a shot., since I don't have the time to make dough everyday and don't have the place to store a frozen batch. The dough is sitting in my fridge, waiting to be shoved in the oven. We'll see what it gives!

And that will be what I have for the sewing bee tomorrow! Merrick went to bed at 9 pm, for 3h in a row! So it was a productive night. More pictures tomorrow!

It's snowing outdoor. It's the kind of crisp snow that comes with a wind that freeze your lungs with each breath, almost burning. The sun shines on the other side of this pure white clouds ceiling, coupled with said snow, makes everything white and shiny outdoor. So bright and hurting sensible eyes. And shutting us up inside. The felt temperature outdoor is -21°C (-6F I think) and it's just dangerous to wander outside with two babies. I long for a good walk where I come home with my back hurting. Sounds crazy but I do. I feel pretty helpless having to rely on Papa to drive us back and forth. But I can't really practice driving in all that snow, so we'll have to wait for Maman to have her driving licence! Because driving class here is around 1000$ now. At least I got my probation paper before the law that made the class obligatory passed. We couldn't have afford it!

So we're waiting inside for Papa to come home from his hour break of the day to taxi us to that sweet place where old ladies takes care of your babies while you rest (I love that non-lucrative organization). Meanwhile Merrick just woke up on my lap and Mariann's painting (Does every mom let her toddler paint everyday?) and asking for me to take picture....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Calendar routine; a gift for Papa

Friday was Papa's birthday, and with all the love I have for him... Well, I never know what to make him or get him as a gift (for any circumstance). He isn't much of a needy person, and those things he needs (and cost a little) he ask it to his parents...

But I found something this time! I've read this post some time ago at Peas n Carrots and exclaimed Eurékà! You see, Papa complains about poor memory and is a little scare to forget the baby phase of his babies.

So instead of buying a calendar, I bought an agenda with enough space to write one thing or two each day.


Mariann sat with her plush horse and fed her. At a point she screamed "NO! Horse no bitting!"

The receiver fund it very lovely, as well as the rest of the family. Thanks Jenny for sharing the idea! :D

Monday, February 7, 2011

Of Memes and various stuff (this would be a random post)

There are so many memes in the blogsphere. Even if I want to, I find myself not having the time to enter them all. I do have moments to share, things I'm thankful for, realizations, moments just for me (those are very seldom!), and even made a crocheted heart or two. And I do want to get back at my sewing machine to make cloths. I will also make a gnomes this month....

Is it me or trying to enter a post for all those memes is overwhelming?

Merrick pierced one tooth this weekend. Yay, I thought. Well, after a close look at this little bitting mouth, turn out there's 3 more little white dots on its gum. Poor little guy!

Poor little maman who doesn't get much sleep now that Papa starts school at 8am (and get up at 8am-5, we're that kind of people). And poor Mariann, who has a very lame maman who is really short on patience, and tolerance, and plain old joyfulness!

But apparently, it's all my fault. Because I breastfeed, and that we co-sleep, and that Mariann doesn't go to daycare.

Well, I take all the tiredness then!

Today's pictures were brought you by Mariann. Hope you like them!
Looks like her felt camera wasn't enough. And that picture above is why I didn't mind her trying it.

Every now and then there's a photo coming up with that weird line in it. My camera went to repair once and came back the same. The only difference I saw between before and after a month away was that they put back the set up to English (I had it in French). I'm very happy Papa is the kind of man that buy a 3 year warranty (we still have until November!) so I'll request a new one, I'm scared.

So, This week I am feeling thankful that…
  • I have that 3 year warranty on my canon eos XS (and whatever else number with it..)
  • I sold my first doll via facebook. (to the midwife I had for Mariann's birth!)
  • Mariann request that Merrick sit with her on the floor, involving him in her play. He now drinks a lot of tea!
  • I have a free parent-helper from a governmental program that comes help me with cleaning once a week. She doesn't stay long, but she mops the floor, clean the bathroom and the stove!
  • My baby cousin (turned 15 today) still feels he can trust me and tell me his problems and fears.
  • Merrick often says Maman now. With Mariann asking him to repeat it over and over again!

Here Missy, I found some time for you :)

I wish every one an awesome week!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


My Boyfriend and my FIL almost share birthday. They are some minutes away, but Papa choose to have his birthday the same day as his grand-mother instead. So this weekend was about family, great food and friends (okay, not so much change with the usual...but the birth day guys choose their souper meal this weekend. )

Mariann was great helping through the preparation.

When I scraped some cheese to make a cheese bowl bread, she told me to move out and let her do it! "Mayann can do it", apparently.

And it is my gift to my FIL:

...He wasn't expecting that!
But he loved it. I made him one since he love this one so much. It's around (" tall and wears colours that fits their newly decorated bedroom. The hairs are mohair blend, like those I used for Victoria. He said it's the first time he gets a baby for his birthday.

I wanted to show you what I made for Papa but I have a sleeping baby on my lap. Oh... That tooth finally broke! Hurray!

Friday, February 4, 2011

{This moment}

a wee tiny part of this week... Imaged.

..and this one would be the runner up

(it's just hand cream...)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yarn Along valentines

I'm still not much far into my scarf that I've unravelled, cast some stitches, unravelled again and now it as 40 stitches casted on waiting.

But look what I have! I'm kind of proud of myself. Is that silly?
I saw the tutorial/pattern, and decided I had to try it.
But, I'm very new to crochet and only knew the single crochet... and this pattern calls for lots of kind of crochet... So I've googled them... and I'm sharing with you. That way I will always have the reference here, for myself!

Magic Ring, also here
Chain Space
Half Double Crochet
Double Crochet

Hope it helps some of you!

I didn't tried the one Ginny is doing yet. That one was kind of more friendly to me because you crochet in round, like I did with my wig caps.

So I'd like to make tons now, but only have enough red left for one or two smalls... Oh well!

This yarn along made me realized how little I read this month. I usually have 2-3 books started at the same time and now I have none... But I read a lot of children book. I had to buy this one off internet, since it does not exits here, I've never seen it translated...

I wish every one a Blessed Imbolc (Candlemas) !

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