Monday, May 31, 2010

Our weekend in Pictures

It wasn't memorial day here, our holiday was last week (patriot's day)... But it was the first end of session weekend for my BF :) of course he worked on his parent's field, but me and my lady spent the day at my moms and enjoyed the nice weather..which was just warm enough :)

Saturday, we enjoyed some fudge pops. Some ate more slowly than others!

She learned to say the word "Dirty"

...I got tired of my showing roots and put my hair back to black for the summer :)

...but kept a tiny red strike just to say...

My mom lives in a rental duplex, but she has a great backyard and lives there for more than 15 years, and her landlord agreed long time ago that she plants some stuff here and there.

Mariann loves to pick up flowers (foua as she says) and make me smell

...I had to lay on the grass...

...T'was really hard to get the belly up!

The Lilacs are out! They usually aren't before at least Father's day

This is my mom's front door

She painted the milk bin and the door and the civic plate :)
One of my uncle made the door from scratch!

Than we had a great surprise!
My oldest cousin, which we never knew much because of an argument with his mother, came for souper!

Look how cute his little girl is!!

She's 14 month old. Her and Mariann got along so well!
Apparently she nevers get along with other babies... They even shared sippy cups...

...And was really nice to each other!

They enjoyed a little snack before the meal

Mariann even gave her some outgrown shoes laying around (and she's really attached to any of her shoes!)

Of course no weekend at my mom's is complete without some jumping in the air with my uncle

...And a little kiss when her new friend left (okay, many! they have lots of affection to give!)

Yesterday she spent ALL afternoon in the tractor with her daddy. She LOVED it. Oli had installed her car seat on the helper bench, so she was comfortable :) I had SIX complete hours of free time!...So I made felt food while listening to slice network ahha

Coming up this week: What I made for a punk baby clothing swap :) and an update on the felt food blog :)

And I also got my herbs in terra cotta pots, they are still at the green house, but when I get them here I'll show you. I have so many cells of each, I had to give some!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Follow the Horde!

The lovely Mrs.B from Confession of a Pagan Soccer Mom featured me yesterday!

So, if it's not too late (yesterday I was at my in-laws not blogging or having any internet :P) I'd like to welcome all those new commers from the horde.

You can read a bit of why I say I'm pagan here, and you can browse the Personal label as well to get to know me better. I write about being and becomming a mom and other random stuff.

I also have some projects showcased in the section under the headers...those are pretty self explicatory!

Also feel free to write anything on my gmail adress, I love getting emails :)

Thanks to Mrs.B for the really nice comments about my blogs!
It's really awesome to be featured by one of my favorite blog :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

At the in-laws :)

My in-laws lives in a beautiful house and grow vegetables for a living.

They own (I can't tell how much) some piece of land.

This was Mariann's first tractor ride this year. Of course, she rid it last year and the summer she was born, but this weekend was a totally new experience!

She loved it, of course!

It's not difficult to prefer this view over our neighboor's entry way at our second floor apart....

Lettuce, Brocoli, Cauliflower, Sprout, Carrots........

...and those are my little herbs waiting to be transplanted :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

About being a mom; part 3

I'd have tons of nice pictures to show you, but I'm at my mom's and my camera (which I haven't brought the usb cable anyway) 's battery died today! So no pretty pictures of the in-law's Greenhouse, baby ridding the tractor with grand-dad and improvised family photo session in the awesome light of spring there was this weekend (endless fields and St. Laurent river background included....)

The weather is awesome. Just how I like it. Hot, really hot, humid, with a great warm breeze.

I've spent the night talking with my mom, outdoor. I love those moment. She talks about her mom that died before I was born, she talks about her grand-mothers and grand-dads. She talks about how was her life when she was young. She doesn't do that so often.

I stated that I always wanted to be a mom. Well, for mine, it had to come. When she realised she was pregnant, she had 5 months done already!
So much for the maternal fiber!

And she never wanted kids. So I can't blame her for how bad my dad is as a she obviously haven't chose him to start a family...

But now she's glad to have us... she prepared herself well to be a grand-mother this time!

She ended up raising me alone, it was only the 2 of us. She had 3 jobs sometimes, none of which concerned her art teaching bac. But I was an easy child. No problem in school, not demanding this I knew we couldn't afford...

And she taught me great values that'll carry and teach all my life.

So in all, even if she never thought she'd be a "good enough" mom, she was more, and she's turning into a wonderful grandmother as well.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cupcake dress!

I bought a fat quarter set on etsy...couldn't resist...cupcakes and cherries, how could I?

The lady didn't feel like modeling and being cute.... so I had to snap some pictures while I could.... (is there any other way?)

The shot trying to show off the cherry bloomers was taken while my mom (so cooperative as well... >_>) was turning around in the puter's chair....
And yes, my baby learned to make dots with a sharpies today...

I used my own design, so it's right out of my head! :)
I couldn't resist smocking the back... and made it simpler by making two straps that tie in the back.
It is SO my favorite so far!!!

...I tried making a sunhat... LOL. didn't happen.

And for last DIY day...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blue & Yellow Polka Dot dress

In the same fashion I did the rockabilly top, I did a dress :)

It came up a tad too short

so I made bloomers, looking at a pair she had.

I LOVE bia tape!

And I even more love shirring/smocking!

...Perfect for the sunny days we're having! :D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Herbs goodness

I received the most awesomest package from Dreadlocklove today as I took part in a gardener swap on craftsters :)

It is truly fanstastic, filled with stuff I can't do myself!

First, I opened the most good smelling package ever!

Now, she forgot the note, so I'm gonna guess....

bath salt?? Calendula, Rosemary+Lavender and chamomille and oat.

daughter doing like mom...

okay this one is obvious! Tongue she included a note on how to prepare it. Since it's REALLY hot today and supposed to be all the week, I'll try it very soon Smiley

Burlap cherry bag... but what's inside??

Starts! How great?? Those are gonna go in my in-laws fields and I'm gonna try keeping some on my balcony! Smiley

Those smells SO good. I swear everything smelled something in that package... So at that point I'm clueless of what they are made of!

Those must have some coffee in them, hehe

Garden salve... made with what? at that point my nose is a little mixed up! ahha

I love the little note her daughter wrote me in the first pages Wink

A really interesting magazine!

*cough* Not that I need that article... ahah

the whole

thanks A LOT lady!! Cheesy everything is wonderful and I really don't know why you said it was boring! I LOVE everything and most of the stuff I can't do myself, which is ever better!

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