Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 min Doll Sling Tutorial

As a part of what I'm doing for my daughter (the perfect mommy kit!) I made a sling for her to walk her baby around. Because when I'll walk mine around she'll want to walk hers too!

And I came up with a really really easy, cheap and fast idea!

What you need:

A scarf
2 O-ring. ( I couldn't find any so I bought bracelets at the dollar store)
Matching color thread
Sewing Machine

1. Take one end of your scarf, pass the O rings through and fold about 2-3", roughly pin in place.

2. Change your all-purpose foot for your zipper foot, Sew close to the rings.
(or, you can hand sew I guess)
I've zigzag stitched once and straight stitched over it.

3.It should look like that... Now Gather it.

4. Pass the other end of the scarf thought the rings, place on shoulder, grab a baby and play mommy!

(sorry for the non-cuteness of the model... I'm hidding it from Mariann until the weekend!)

Monday, June 28, 2010

My First Waldrof Inspired Doll

I told you yesterday, here it is, not naked anymore!

I decided going for a Boy doll for my nephew, as I'm pretty sure he doesn't have one yet. He's only 4 month old, and for now he won't care much other than chew on it.... But as he'll grow and start playing a bit of pretend play, he'll have other stuff to play with than plastic trucks and soldiers (not that I think my sister would buy him soldiers though!)

I could have made him anything, but went for the Waldorf companion doll.
There's TONS of great one on etsy, and they are expensive! This one cost me barely nothing to make, and it's because I cheated.

Waldorf dolls are usually 100% natural. But I didn't have access to wool roving and bio cottons etc... And no money to get it from the internet. So this little guy is filled with cotton balls, the skin is from an old maternity t-shirt (what an hideous color for a shirt! lol) T-shirt and jeans from what I had too, and the socks are a pair of mariann newborn's that I slightly cut. The wool hair is acrylic I think...
It cost me about 4$ to make, and I spent the weekend on it.

First time I make so tiny cloths! So this is my first pair of pants :P

That's it for our new temporary resident!

There's TONS of resources on how to make one yourself, and for free!
There's also many books, pattern for clothing and lots and lots of doll makers (etsy made a special section for them!) if you don't want to make one and want one :P

And of course... Mariann stole it. Many times. As I was attaching the hair (strand by strand....) She'd take it, give it a kiss, and give it back. This little guy received a lot of love already!... I was able to get picture because Mariann is currently napping... Else she would have been part of the pics!

Now I'm gonna start on hers, as it's gonna part of her bday gift. I'm not buying anything, all her gifts from me would be handmade.
Can't wait to show you ;)

About delivering a second time (and a birth story)

The first time you're scared because you don't know what to expect-
The second time you're scared because you know what to expect.

Said the midwife-to-be at our last appointment.

Somehow I'm not. I can't wait. And I know what to expect. It would be painful, gross, I'll end up saying I want it all to just stop. But at the end, at the very end, we'll have another little being to love, all depending on us. And that is worth all the pain I'm having right now, and all the intense pain I'm gonna go through that day, and all the helplessness my BF is living.

My first time took me 13h. I had no "practice contractions" before. No braxton hicks. I really, really didn't know what to expect. The pain struck me. So much that it stopped my labor, and since the midwife tried to keep it going by breaking my water, and I couldn't just wait for it to start again... so, to my displeasure, we got to the hospital, called the anastesist. Oh no.

The trip (in ambulance) to the hospital took 20min. My BF was following in the minivan.

As much as I was moaning before getting in ambulance, I felt silent as they closed the door and the mifwife took my hand. I calmed down and grounded. I felt every contractions, as painful as they felt, begin to actually work. I took each waves couragously, and soon felt the urge to push.

By the time we enter the hospital, I was fully dilated and pushing. The BF entered running in the room, and they called the anastesist that she could stay home in her pyj finally (it was 3 am). And I pushed for about 20min.

The pushing didn't hurt. Well, it did, but nothing compared to the contractions.
I felt strong, I felt we were getting somewhere. Then I could see the head of the mirror in front of me.

I requested that me and my BF take the baby out together, and we did (we have an awesome picture with my little hand and his huge hand getting out the tiny thing. I won't post it because some of you might find it gross).

And it was done. I had that little bundle on my belly, all pink, crying strong, covered by various fluid. And I felt awesome. Painless (after the placenta was out. Did you ever touch one? It really feels like velour!) Painless and awesome. I wish I didn't have the IV connected. I didn't need it anyway, but it was an hospital requierement.

The nurse proposed that we stayed in the (ugly, asseptic) hospital room, saying to my BF she would take a camp bed out for him. Do I need to repeat he's 6"5?
So we all got in the van at 5 am (yes, Mariann was 2 hours old!) and went back to the real bedroom that was waiting for us at the house of birth.


Did you ever played with one of those? My cousin had one. The baby pops and Barbie instantanly get her before-pregnancy shape.

I have mixed feelings on that one. Reminds me more of a C-section (except the instant shape part of course) than a natural birth.

I was so relief not having to get an epidural, also!

Should I buy a toy to help explain birth to a child, I'd way prefer this Waldorf version.

I think we should talk more about birth than the fact that it's painful. Yes, it hurts, a lot! But
there is so much more in the experience of giving birth!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pregnancy Update!

We're slowly getting there!

I have 33weeks done, yay :)

I'm HUGE. Like, really really huge. Looks like I'm about to pop. But no, still at least a month to do!

My back still hurts a lot but my knee is really going better! Unfortunately, in order to achieve that we've stopped taking our daily walk... Good thing we have a balcony!

This picture explains how well I handle house chores...Lots of dishes in the sink, and Lots, lots of things on the floor. I'm about to stick a sign in our entrance door window saying "Watch your feet for toys! some are pointy and might hurt!"
Luckily most are the soft plushes or play food I made, which are just tripping hazard when I go to my frequent bathroom trip at night.

But yeah, that would be my uniform. I don't really have a bra that fits between the "normal" and "huge milk boobs" states. So that cotton band is perfect. And I have tons of elastic band skirts, because those are perfect as well!

Yesterday was my appointment with my midwife. She has a midwife-to-be with her that keeps being impressed of how well we can feel the baby! And of course, first thing when we arrived, Mariann opened a drawer and got their demonstration baby out, one of the cloth diaper out of my diaper bag and started playing! When she got tired of this, she went looking for the stethoscope, lift my shirt and start trying to hear the baby :) Which the midwifes found really wise, ahah!

Apparently my iron level was the lowest she saw in her career :S but I'm confident the stuff I bought at the natural store will work, as it did with Mariann.

Else, everything is perfect! The belly is the good size, my pressure is low but normal (for me). Next appointment in two weeks!

Oh my, can you believe my little lady will be 2??

..now I'm off finishing that waldorf inspired doll I'm making for my nephew (because I don't like the cloth cubes I made!) I'm almost finished, he just needs clothing now, so you'll probably see him tomorrow!
I really want to make him something he doesn't have, but he's living away and we don't know what he has or not... So I'm pretty sure nobody thought of buying him a doll, and I'm sure my sister will love the idea!
Can't wait to show you!

Friday, June 25, 2010

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

****This is our moment(s):

taken on the summer solstice, learning to blow bubbles!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Race to Nowhere

This is something I'd like to share, as it is very true. They are talking about united states, but the same is happening in here. I don't remember where I got the link from, I browse too many blogs a day! but here it goes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Bandanna dresses (St-Jean Baptiste + Yellow dress)

I'm gonna show what I can ! :P

I made 2 more bandanna dresses in order to have a really cool tutorial to show our friend from Tatertots and Jello. I expect lots of guest and want to make it pretty!

Here's a little preview....

I still have a white and a red dress to make, but I've done those two:

Tomorrow is our National Day here in Québec. I've just finished it, while the baby is asleep. She'll wear it tomorrow :D Probably just inside the house since the weather forecast look really rainy !
But I made one anyway... because I could! haha! Found the bandanna at the dollar store. I just love all those fleur de lys. Our flag is beautiful.

Mariann loves to watch the neighbor's dog while I hang the laundry on our little balcony. And yes. It is covered with pots of herbs (thanks Kendra!)

I'm off doing more dresses! My pieces for the white one is cut and I'm gonna try to use a red tank top I already have for the red one, should be even less work!

I'm leaving you with this one...
frozen blueberries+frozen strawberries+organic vanilla yogurt+banana tofu+water+a night in the freezer=

Happy Baby on a hot day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What I'm up to...

I'm doing swap items, lots of them! And they are for a lady who I believe checks my post often, so there's no showing them before it gets to her, which means in a long time!

elementals, in their been played with a lot state.

Else I'm gonna get a feature at Tatertots and Jello the first weekend of July. Will be featuring my Bandanna Dress Tutorial! This will be lots of fun. My first guest post :) For the occasion I'm working on 4 more dresses; a red, a white, a yellow one (this one is done!) and a National Day one too! That one is for the 24th. Can't wait to see how it comes up. I'm trying different things for the straps as well. So they are not all 100% the same.

Else I'm still having my pile of cut and appliquéd fabric square. 30 of them to be exact, I need to make 5 to spell my nephew's name, Mehdi, and the M is done. Only I took out the M appliqué and probably gonna paint it with acrylic + fabric paint, since I didn't like how it came up. The House side and the Circle side came up great thought. But I need some courage to continue it.

As for elementals, I'm out of red thread! lol but I have all my pieces cut out to make one for sale...

oh, and I also made a wishlist for my bday, for my BF who never knows what to get me! ahah

Monday, June 21, 2010

Merry Litha!

Wishing everyone a really happy sunny day!

Hope you spent yesterday with all those good dads in your life. I did!
Today we're planning on a picnic and gonna blow some bubbles, hehe

Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to make a last minute, cheap, yet really fun Father's day gift

1Cut letters from a cereal box, paint in tattoo letter style and let dry, At 1am because it's too hot for your pregnant being to fall asleep.

2 Mess with the retardateur option of your canon rebel till you get a centered picture of your belly featuring one of those letters.

3 The next morning, get your toddler in a nice little dress with pretty pigtail in your mom's backyard and try to get some great shots of her holding the
P and the A.

4 Get some help from your mom. Because the toddler doesn't really like the concept of a photoshot that morning.

5 Get to the nearest drugstore and insert your memory card in their express photo boot. Select the 4 best pictures. Crop your mom's face and center them on the spot. Print.

6 Get to the dollar store and buy 4 wooden 6x4 picture frame. Place your pictures inside while you're waiting in the car for your mom picking up cabbage salad at a fast food chain.

7 Frame and wrap in craft paper.
Because the yule papers and the pink flowery paper your mom has doesn't quite fit the theme.

8 Give some crayon to your toddler and place the package in front of her. She won't need further instruction.

9 Make a nice bow with a little "Bonne Fête des Pères" note

10 Wait for the next morning to give it to your BF

Now you have a nice, very custom and personal PAPA sign to display in your nearly empty apart's walls!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's day

this post is part of a reply to a post on alphabetsy's blog

I didn't grew up with my father. My mommy raised me alone. He has a huge alcohol problem and lives some 8h away. For now it's been a year without news of him, and before that another year, and before that some 4 years, etc... From the day my mom got him out of my life I saw him ... 5 or 7 times. At school when it was time to make a father's day project I'd refuse saying I don't even know where to send it.

I understand my mom's choice but I don't have a father. Father's day never meant anything to me before I met my bf. Now I'm blessed with an awesome father for my family and an equally awesome father-in-law! And I'm very grateful to have those man in my life!

***this post has no picture because my BF doesn't like his face being post. However I have TONS of pictures in mind that could fit ... from the one where he has Mariann on his shoulder (she almost touches the celling!) to the ones they are hugging for a nap to those precious ones where they are walking holding hands. He truly his a wonderful father!

ok, I've changed my mind and added one.

Mariann, around 5h old, holding Grand-Papa's finger.

{this moment}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

****This is our moment(s):

(click on image to see water :P)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Litha is coming

I adore Litha. Could be my favorite pagan holiday! I love the weather, the light, the smell of everything outdoor. Litha means freedom: I was free from school around that date, and how I hated school! My mom would stop working for the summer too (she's a teacher) and for the previous 3 months before that date I'd hear (endure?) her say how much she was tired of the school and wanting the summer holidays to come (I told her often to change career as well...)

The swim pools opens around that time, and we would start going camping too.
As a supplement, our National day is July 24th. How people celebrate it? Bonfire of course!
Every city and village has one, and all those living on the cost makes on as well. People play music and dance. Sounds pagan enough to me! ahah

Close-up at my tree "Litha specific" items:
-Sun bottle, given by my deceased aunt; Litha Fire God, given by the lovely Nydia;
Both symbolizing the longest day of the year and the heat, warm weather I enjoy so much.
(the felt good is often stolen from the altar and used as a "baby" by my daughter...)
-The Green Man (it's an empty notebook) symbolizes the living nature around.

The whole altar

We were talking in a WWP swap thread (craftster of course!) about our handmade items... Here's 2 of them:

I did my pentacle using a faux vitrail technique on a candle plate. The faux stuff in facing down so I can put anything on top without fear of melting. There's a feather, a leaf, a flame, water drop and a swirls, for each elements.

those wands are populus taking on my FIL's lands. I've tainted them with shaman taint, the shortest cherry one is the one I use the most, the "assistant" longer and straighter one is a representation of my BF is stays on the altar, next to mine, as a companion and grounder, even if my BF is not pagan... It's all obvious in my mind somehow!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Elemental plush doll: Fire!

Finally I managed making one Fire version of my elementals! The gang is now complete.

Couldn't get a group shot because I don't know where the Air is...
Anyway. You can see I slightly changed my pattern to make a flame head.

I used felt for this one. He's so cuddly. I think he's my new favorite.
I tried some outfit but none where fitting to my taste. He'll have a nice one by the time I make the group shot :)

You can bet my daughter stole it before I could make any other outfit tryout!

I might add some embroidery details on his head too.

What do you all think? I know most of you like it when the design is simple

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Elemental plush doll Pattern up for sale!

Please forgive me for posting a shameless advertisement of my new etsy product!

The listing says:

This listing is for the PATTERN & INSTRUCTION in order to make an elemental plush with the Earth outfit.

You get a pdf with pictured instructions and 2 pages of pattern to print out (the plush body parts, the petal dress and hat pieces).
It is very detailed and nicely imaged, really easy to make!
It's a very versatile plush, you can dress it and make it the character you want, using the fabric and filling you want.

The plush will be around 30cm tall.

The pattern is emailed (so please have a valid email when you buy!) within a day of the purchase.

If you want to take a quick look...

Thanks for taking a look!
You can buy it here :) (and be sure the money is likely to go in our grocery budget...)

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