Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I can always dream!

I came across this post.

It was instant love.

So now I'm browsing the web for more red cabinets.

First time I see this kitchen, but it seems famous....Those are a tad too modern for me, but I like the see-through shelving. The color of the counter top is not my taste, too.

Erm... I'd like to see another scheme then black counter top with cream wall please?

We've got a winner! Bonus for the shaker (There's not of that in the north, but i love them) The green on the wall is lovely as well.

Someday..... I won't have a white-wall-white-melamine-counter-top-white-cabinets-kitchen anymore!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Make your Monday!

My hands are all yellow... I finaly finished spray painting the furniture and accessories! Phew! It's now drying in the garage.... Next step will be to assemble all what got to be assemble. And the dresser.... I got two in mind (for free!) And I dunno which one I will use... probably the one with the more surface, since I got enough space. I dunno if I'll paint it yellow, two... But It will have yellow handles and flower knobs!

Now I want to show you something I made.... about a year and a half ago in intend to participate to Kim's "Make Your Monday " Link Party.

It's a wedding gift I did for my bf's uncle. It is now standing on his lovely dinning table, offering sugar and milk when visit comes by.

It's a lazy suzan I painted. One of my first painting with the "wood painting" techniques.

I'm actually pround of it, and it turned out better then my mom's who gives classes of wood painting. I add an advantage; it was an english tutorial, with different techniques than those my mom usually teaches. I had to translate each steps to her, and she's stuborn so she did stuff the "usual" way...

Hope this is enough to enter the party link!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Strawberry time!

While I'm still strugling to find time for sewing my daughter's bedding (looks like she does not like to ear the machine running while she naps...) I actually manage to turn half of the furniture into that lemon chilled shade of yellow I wanted. A new bookcase (one of those faux wood thing) that we sanded and primed and a child sized rocker and craddle. Those last two need some finishing touches - I want to add some more color to them, and their bedding isn't finished yet... But you can see I'm finaly heading somewhere!

Those lovely strawberries are now full time resident of my fridge, frozen in individual snack bag; perfect for milkshake or smoothies! I actually got twice of this amount; hand picked by my very self, from my in-laws field. I only last 2 weeks a year here so we pack a lot.

Those are the child's furniture before... (after coming soon) That some relative found for free.

And that is the little craddle bedding's in the making, which is kinda a smaller version of the big girl's bedding.

Also, I made a second banner for the blog! I'm really pround of it, as it is my first attempt to make a scrapbook style banner. Yay!

Friday, July 17, 2009

So Tired! ( the quilt inspiration)

yet I'm still browsing blogs.


My little lady is teething, 3 teeth at a time. She'll soon have 12 of them.

I'm going to do her blanket for her bed. IT's an old quilt with lots of colors. However some of them just don't fit So I'll hide them with custom made flowers (and some I stoled from another old quilt...) I dunno what It will end up looking... I just hope It trns out awesome.. and that it does not look cheap.

Having the money, I would so buy one of those:

the color theme on this one is what I'm looking for, but still too much white...
I think it's one of the fiew I found with purple in it.

this last one is from a shop on etsy,


I'm sorry I don't remember where I took the other quilts image... I usualy credit that kind of stuff...

Well, I have lots of work to do and my poor Mariann is back to bed so I guess I can make some more flowers now :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

About me!

I'm a 20yrs old stay-at-home mom that loves everything art and crafty. I use all the medium I can (even skin!) and I believe that It's best to know a little about a lot than a lot about a little. There's more fun that way!

I do painting (watercolor, oils and acrylic), lots of pencil drawings, portraits, jewelry... And I don't take myself seriously!

French is my first language, so excuse akward sentences or mispelling...

You can contact me via my gmail, which would be andreannlarouche(at)gmail(point)com. I'll be pleased to receive some emails about anything :P

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I'm a 23 yr old mommy of two little pixies, sharing my life with my best friend. We live in La Belle Province, French is our first language. In the middle of nursing and caring for a toddler's need, I sew, draw, paint, and take pictures to tell. We also struggle to live an healthy life, apparently surrounded by people that doesn't care much, and we're on budget, too!


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