Monday, July 26, 2010

Expecting a leo...

So now I'm assured, we're gonna have a little leo in the family.

And I'm irrationally stressed about that.

While my BF couldn't care less about zodiac sign, I grew up being the by-the-book cancer (as constantly repeated by my mom and aunt, who themselves are/was perfect aquarius and libra). I feel I really belong to my sun sign and its caracteristic; and so was happy to get a little cancer at first.

..But now it's a leo that's coming...

Why such a big deal? The 2 persons that hurt me the most were leos. And they were really important part of my life. I've banished them. They were the most selfish and manipulative person I ever knew. Bossy and intolerant. Know-it-all, jealous and liar... Seems like none of the positive traits were given to them.

Those 2 persons are my first BF (which I was with for 4 years) and my Dad (which I can count on my hands the times I saw him in my life). I remember everyday how much they hurt me.

Of course, they have qualities, and strong values. Unfortunately, it is very hard for me to remember them. And sincerely, I don't want to, as I'm trying to forget (this is a work in progress...)

So now, I can only hope I get the generous, loving, creative, born-leader leo.

Please tell me you know one of those!!

As the belly grew, my daughter felt in love with the lion king. I've seen it more times I could ever think I would in my life... And she started collecting anything with lions on them. She really does love lions. She sleeps with her lion plushes and play with plastic lion figures.

As I was thinking about my irrational fear to have a leo, I thought about my daughter loving lions so much. Is that a sign? I think it can be. Life's (or my daughter) is telling me to let go and see ... Either way, I know I'm gonna love my little leo unconditionally... I'm just scared to get hurt a third time.


  1. Breath, Andréann! :o)

    My father was a Leo (an awesome father and husband and friend, and btw today would be his b-day, I don't like remembering, miss him so much).

    My oldest sister was a Leo, an incredible woman who was a model for me for years.

    My now oldest brother is a Leo, and he's one of the sweetest and funniest guy I know.

    And finally, Lucas is a Leo! My best reference of all! :o)

    If I was going to feel the same for all the guys who hurt me, I'd hate the entire zodiac, lol!

    People are all different, and there's this ton of things that make a person a good guy or not, the sign is just a detail after all (there's also ascendents, etc, to consider if you insists on this).

    Seriously, your kid is going to be what you raise him, and I know you know it. He's going to be sweet, loyal, faithful, loving, caring, as long as you live this, the same way you do with your Mariann. He/she'll got nothing to do with the men of your past.


  2. My brother is a Leo and is hard-headed and tempermental - but also one of the best men I know. I adore him. He's kind and generous - will do anything for you. Everyone that meets him, likes him.

    Your Leo will be perfect!

  3. Hon, I am a by-the-book Cancer too :) And some of the closet people in my life are Leos. Your little bundle of joy will be sweet and kind and wonderful because you are the mama. Leos and Cancers can get along wonderfully. It's all okay, I promise.

  4. I am a Leo. I am very bossy, but i am not intolerant. I am selfish and proud but also very generous. I would die, without a second thought for those i love.
    Leos in general are loyal, stubborn, generous, faithful, responsible, natural leaders. Their ruler planet is the Sun. And since signs are were the Sun is, Sun in Leo is In place(i am having trouble with astrology in English). It means that it is the best place for it(like Moon in Cancer, Aphrodite in Virgo or Taurus etc). They are charismatic and very lucky. A leo would thrive with a Cancer mom. Your main problem would be her need for independence, and your overprotective nature(just astrologically speaking). She is going to be popular without trying. Besides being your little princess she is going to be a queen. She will have to understand by herself that not everybody is her friend. Her main downside will be that she will not be able to handle gracefully criticism. She might think at times she is(almost) perfect. But she is also going to be confident, strong, talented and passionate. She will have a big heart(Leos rule the heart in the body), she will get easily hurt, becase Leos are sensitive. They understand that power does n't come from lack of emotions, but from their existense. She is going to be very, very, brave(that might get her in trouble at school!).
    She is coming to teach you to let go of the pain. She would never let anyone hurt you, though! Those Leos that hurt you were just an unlucky concidence. She would kick their asses by the way! She will not be vindictive if someone hurt her, but if someone hurt you(or anyone else she loves) she would be. Men will be in trouble with her(independent almost feministic).
    Oh, and she might be a little(a lot!) lazy with chores, not school(she would want to be admired there)!lol
    Be prepared to have brought home a bunch of stray animals. Leos have a soft spot for them.
    She will be a handful, but she will love you with all her heart.
    Good luck!
    Ps. I do not know if i made you feel any better lol!

  5. Oh! I am an astrologer by the way! I am not just making all that up!lol-Imagine that!haha

  6. OK I hear what your saying about being hurt again, and your concerns at him being a Leo (I dont know why im assuming your having a boy lol) But your his mummy and your gnna get along just amazingly well. Let go of past fear otherwise the fear will become strong and try to take over everything else.
    Your little bundle of joy will be perfect and yes I think your right about the signs from your daughter.....let go!

  7. "So now, I can only hope I get the generous, loving, creative, born-leader leo." -- I am happy to say that yes, I do know one of those! She is my daughter, and I wouldn't trade her for the world! She turns 15 tomorrow. There are often times when I wish I could be more like her. (Although everyone says she is her mother's daughter and I should take credit for having raised her.) So take heart, your little leo is going to have a wonderful, sensitive mother and that counts for a lot!

  8. @greekwitch: my daughter is stubborn, and generous, and is a sucker for any stray animal. I have often told her that she is going to be penniless and broke if she keeps to everyone else and not herself. But her stubborn streak says that all the good karma she puts out will come back to her and that she will be just fine!

  9. *keeps giving --- I hate when I typo!

  10. I am a Leo, and I can say that I am super creative (I'm an artist, a writer, a candler, among other things). I am very headstrong, and I usually think my way is the right way. I'm full of pride, but I've learned to put that aside when it matters, and I've learned how to compromise with dignity. I am a born leader, and though I very easily socialize and am very confident, my independent streak is huge, and I prefer to be on my own most of the time-- tricky when you're a mom and trying to balance being a great mom and satisfying that "me" time need. I don't take criticism well as I am very sensitive and immediately get on the defensive. However, once I cool down and either stop being mad or upset, I can take the good and see where improvement might just be necessary.

    I know I'm very tough to live with, and my own head is so complex that I don't even understand why I do things sometimes. However, I love everyone in my life, and I would lay my life down for any of them in a heartbeat. There isn't a selfish bone in my entire body.

    Remember, all Leos aren't the same. My daughter's father was abusive for 3 of the 4 years we were together and left when she was a week old. He was a Scorpio. Ironically, my fiance now is a Scorpio, as well. We butt heads alot, but we always work it out right then. I have never met a more honest, loyal, and unselfish person, and he sees Lily as his own.

    So don't worry!
    Your little Leo will be a fiery spirit, but she will blaze with as much passion and love for life as the sun she is called to!

  11. she/he I don't know which :) But congrats for either!

  12. I'm a leo! Barely though, I was born on August 22nd ;)
    Myself aside, I know a ton of awesome leos. I don't think you have anything to worry about, we're a pretty nice bunch for the most part!

  13. My brother is a Leo and he is one of the most amazingly caring and thoughtful people I know. He can be lazy at times and definitely stubborn, but what he lacks in those areas he makes up ten fold in his generosity, creativity and humor. And he'd beat the ever loving crap out of a giant if it said the wrong thing about me. ;) I'm the older sister, but he definitely looks out for me.


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