Saturday, December 11, 2010

I do it my way

Sometimes I agree with my mom. Sometimes I agree with my MIL.

Sometimes I disagree with both.

I'm not fond of putting Merrick asleep in his crib. It doesn't work most of the time, and after 3 times of re-settling him to sleep I usually give up and keep him in bed with us. You see, I'm actutaly tired and need some sleep too.

I breastfeed, and want to do so for as long as Merrick keeps interest in it and that I feel good doing so; Last week we had nipple confusion, it's okay now, and no mom, I won't just "feed him bottle then! You give yourself so much trouble!". I give my baby what's best. Isn't it worth the trouble?

Yes, unknown lady. I've just arrived in this café where you happen to be as well. I certainly am unpacking my toddler from the stroller and my newborn from the wrap. I do take a lot of space. We will eat here, right next to you. I will command today's menu with a toddler at my feet and the baby in my arm. I will ask the cashier to bring the cabaret at our table, I will give my toddler a cookie while she eats the main dish none-the-less, and I will let my baby on it's snow suit on the table while we teeth-equipped people eat. I may breastfeed him right there on the table as well. And I will let my toddler drink from a mug.

And you will be surprised how little screams you've heard. And you'll see me dress my babies, without help, for a good 10 minutes, all alone. And off we'll be.

I'm sorry, dear MIL, that our home is far from being shiny clean. I don't even try too. Yes, I'll let the dishes unwashed for more than a day, and yes, those cloth will remained unfolded, in the basket, likely until they are all being worn again and back into the dirty cloth basket for another round.
Yes, I'm sewing instead.
It makes me happy.

My way is the best way for me. With all those people I take care about, it's the least I can do.

For me.


  1. Good for you fellow attachment mama! Here is a little poem you may enjoy! : )

    "The cleaning and scrubbing
    will wait till tomorrow,
    for Children grow up,
    as I've learned to my sorrow.
    So quiet down, cobwebs.
    Dust go to sleep.
    I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep"

  2. My aunt cross-stitched that poem for me as a present :-) It's been my "motto" since my Thadd was born.

    Good for you! This is something that I struggled with for years and fought very hard with my family and hubby's family.

    You raise your kids the *best* for *your* family, other people be damned. You know what's best for your babies, no one else.

    When I nursed my boys, I was the only woman in either family that did, so I got zero help. In fact, for Finn's first Christmas my MIL bought a CASE of baby formula "just in case".... ugh. But even when I had to pump the breast milk full-time, I still kept at it for 7 months.

    It was hard, emotional and totally worth it.

    By doing things YOUR WAY your kids will reap the benefits for years to come.

  3. Good for you sweetheart! While I'm not a mommy, I am a firm believer that the laundry and dishes can wait while I paint, sew and snuggle my love because those things make me happy.

    I also leave my clothes in the basket, unfolded, and just pick them and wear them straight from there.

    P.S... Merrick's shirt is SOOOO CUTE! I'm guessing you made it, I've never seen such a tiny Iron Maiden shirt before. :D

  4. Good for you! I need to be more like this because I struggle with trying to keep up w/the dishes n stuff but still craft for my girls cuz it does make me happy but my MIL always thinks I need to clean more n get "obsessed with cleaning" but im obsessed with sewing/crafting lol So, we tend to butt heads with that but we as mothers try out best n do wats right for us n our family n to each their own. I totally understand breastfeeding n needing sleep my daughter is 14months today n I'm tryin to wean n get her use to the crib but more often then not shes in the bed w/us cuz im so tired n need sleep too. I dunno how other breastfed mothers do it but its wat worked for us.
    karin marie:)

  5. You go girl!

    I'm still breastfeading my pixie one, and yes she will be 2 soon, and yes I am pregnant too! Do it your way, do what makes you happy and the way you CAN keep going on!

    Others have many many ways that could be faster, better, and yadiyada for us, but in the end, we are raising our children, we are loving them with every bit of our soul, so just tell them to bugger off :)

    You rock girl, never mind the others.

  6. Here here! I tried the pleasing thing with #1, but with each child I become less and less driven to please others. I too will pick sewing over chores any day of the week. Do it how your heart tells you...that's the only way for you.



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