Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some gave her Barbies, others gave her their time....

It's been a year now that I'm talking, to anyone listening (that includes Papa's family) about my love for natural, handmade toys that are open ended. It's my favourite thing to do. It's most likely to be in one of the first things you learn about me.

For all English folks that didn't know still; Aux DemiLunes means At HalfMoons.

And so, surprise, surprise! Mariann got Barbies for her birthday. FOUR of them. From my sisters-in-law. When asking one why on earth did she buy that, she replied : "Well, I just don't have the choice to buy plastic toys! There's nothing else!". Yeah right. Here I want to thank my mother-in-law who bought wooden block stalkers. Odd enough, they shopped in the same town.

I was planning to make another batch of Play dough for Mariann's birthday, but just a week after moving, I didn't find the time. Fortunately, one of the present contained 4 bowls of naturally-died handmade play dough. Mariann was SO thrilled and played with it all day long for a good 4 days in a row. Anywhere, everywhere as you can see in those pictures...

Another gift that contained 0 plastic. Is that me or some people just don't want to respect our choices? Yes, Mariann loved playing with her barbies for some days. She "washed" one in her play kitchen sink and run with them, naked, saying they are flying fairies... But as a parent that wants to monitor what's entering our house, how come am I suppose to do it if warned adults don't respect a pretty simple and faisable rule of "no plastic" ?

Merrick's birthday is close, and when they asked me what I wanted them to buy for him I simply stated "Please, NO barbies."
"Of course, he's a boy!"

Maybe if I repeat it once again, they won't buy him plastic trucks.


  1. I really don't know the answer to this. My ex in-laws have given up getting them anything at all and are putting them $ in a savings account or something like that. Which is such a cop out. What does the promise of $ mean to a 4 yr old? Why can't they DO something special with/for them if they don't want to exert themselves to look for suitable toys? And, you're right, finding non-plastic gifts really isn't all that hard, even in "regular" stores. It just takes a little creativity.

  2. I had the same issue. when I held my friends baby shower, it was in the shower details, everything she registered for was wooden, organic and pretty cheap. But just about everyone substituted something else for what she registered for or just plain brought their idea of what she needed. UGH, it took so much work to bring stuff back and exchange it, that after a while she just told people to only give gift cards for the birthdays.

  3. Oh my god you are so bringing a hot topic. It gets me really sad/ mad everytime my OWN pArents bring plastic stuff just for the trill of bying stuff. They know we simplify everything, they know we are natural, we loooove woods, we love things that last and that bring our kids into magical places, but yet, every time, it , sorry to say, crap they bring. You dont know what to bring? you dont want to pay some money? pencils, crayons, a big cardbord box to make a house, a rock for pai ting...the possibilities are huuuuge. But it seem that plastic has invaded their mind too and they cant respect our values OR imagine anything to do better than bying stuff we dont want in our house and, oh surprise, we dont even see in our house...Sorry for that rambling it pisses me off everytime :)

  4. While I don't have children for whom gifts are purchased, I still run into this issue of people seemingly not respecting my wishes and beliefs, especially where plastics, organics, etc are concerned. I hate, hate, HATE plastic and try very hard not to buy anything made of it or packaged in it, though sometimes I can't avoid it. Yet, people who know me extremely well and know my stances and feelings on it will come over with things in numerous plastic bags, wrapped in plastic packaging.

    I'm very particular about what I allow into my home, yet instead of good sturdy wooden, glass or metal items and objects people seem to enjoy gifting me with plastic ones. It's maddening!

    P.S. For my part, I hated Barbies growing up. I always preferred rag dolls and my brothers wooden trucks. :)

  5. How difficult that they don't listen! I fear we will have the same issues with our new one on the way. I feel as strongly about "war/violence" related toys as you do about plastic, I think. I suspect people will still buy nerf guns, etc even if we request they don't. *sigh*

    Maybe you could say to people: "Please no plastic. If you aren't sure what would make a good non-plastic toy, please consider a gift of food or coins for her piggy bank."

  6. She is a doll! I can't imagine what a young girl like her would do with a Barbie? They aren't recommended for small children!

  7. damn. I SO know where you're coming from ,love. I struggle with this , too...I've requested no gifts at all at birthdays from friend bc it's just too difficult. It ends up being a waste because I end up donating everything when I do toy purges every other month. I've asked for bedsheets, new fluffly bath towles, and some clothing from our family for W's upcomiong bday. But no toys, etc. How sweet though that your little girl played with barbie's in such a fashion:)

  8. How frustrating! I also love simple toys for my children - more often that not they're happy banging away on pots and pans or catching bugs. People don't understand the creativity and learning that takes place when everything isn't "automatic"
    At least those strawberries looked yummy! :-)

  9. I'm afraid the problem isn't Barbies, or plastic, it's that most people do not have enough imagination to think beyond the last thing they saw advertised. (This is why advertising is effective, of course.) And since hand-made wooden toys don't have loud, screaming ads on TV (and don't fill aisle after aisle at Walmart and Toys-R-Us), they simply don't exist to most people.

    And of course, as Danni, Aisha and others have said, people simply don't pay any attention to what other people's tastes are. I spend a lot of time trying to guess what other people would like as gifts, but in return I often get stuff that doesn't interest me at all. Usually it comes from friends who've known me for years!

    I think it's funny that your in-laws were so puzzled about your "no Barbies" rule for Merrick. I wonder how they would've reacted if you'd said you wanted dolls for him!

  10. Andreann, It seems so many of us know just what you mean. My parents are sometimes respectful, sometimes not at all. (I told my mother last November that I don't like my children in the colour black and for Christmas my eldest boy got black pants, a black shirt and a black vest!) I'm at a loss as to how to gently and kindly remind them. Is it their age? Do they forget that easily? Hmmmm...good thing your sweet little ones have you as a mama with your good intentions and your green conscience. Happy birthing day to you, mama!
    xo Jules


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