Monday, February 22, 2010

Morning Ritual

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Now that I have a daugther that is almost always sleeping through the night, and waking up at 7 am (not bad, uh?) I don't have much other choice then getting up with her, as she won't stay in bed with us like she used to from 5 am.

So we wake up, she usualy find cloth for me to wear that I thrown on the floor the previous night, and of we go to eat some bio-organic cereals and a spread of homemade caramel, with a banana or dried cranberries (those are like candies for Mariann!)

But I'd like to incorporate something more spiritual. Waking up that early is fairly new to me, I was used to get up late for school, work, etc... I had no self-discipline. At all.

But now it's changing, and I find myself wanting to get up after a good night of sleep (where my baby didn't wake up crying at 3 am). I also need to eat early in morning. So I have way more energy.

But I want something more. I want to meditate, and do some yoga. Yoga is best done before eating but my baby is hungry when she wakes up. So I need to compromize... I'm done disciplined enough to get up before her! As for meditation... I don't think I could either...

Does anyone of you meditate, even when having a toddler around?
Do you have any morning ritual?

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