Saturday, June 25, 2011

Choosing what we eat.

On the solstice's eve we put some brie cheese and blueberry in the fairy garden. To Mariann's delight, most of it was gone (it's not worse then making her believe in Santa, is it?). She loves playing with it when I hang our cloths to dry.


As my fridge is currently on no-grocery-shopping-before-moving-empty mode, I found out I'm doing really great without cow milk in it.

Oh, cow milk. It's such a big deal in our province.

The government pushes it so much. It's terrible. They're selling it like it was a magic potion, really. The Dairy industry is everywhere in pubs, they financed the nutritional chart, etc...

Even more, most health care professionals were in denial. It's starting to change. They are speaking of changing the word "intolerance" for "stage 4 allergies" So people take it seriously. But... as many things, people don't want to change. It really is a base for cooking. Most people don't feel good if there's no milk in their fridge, should it only be to poor some in their coffee in the morning.


Here we are eating mama-made Popsicle made out of honey melon, rice mylk, pears and soft dessert toffu (banana flavored, if I recall correctly). Pops on a hot solstice day is the way to go!

But still, I'm amazed on how little interested people are about the food they put in theirs and their children's mouth! And on how little effort they are willing to provide so they could eat wholesome, healthy food everyday!


Don't get me wrong, we have those days (like, pops and bagels for souper day) were I don't feel like making much for mealtime. But for some it's like that everyday. And when they open their freezer, they don't reach for healthy pops; instead, frozen half-cooked meat, frozen full of sodium pastas, over processed food...Pogos! Ew!

I can't wait to make some groceries and refurnish our cupboard... With no quinoa, couscous, rice, beans left.... It's starting to get trickier each day! But I think I have a good milestone made; I will skip the cow milk aisle when we go. I learned other ways to cook.


  1. I'm in the same situation you are. My husband, son and I are moving across the country and a lot of our funds have gone to this major move. We're living with my husband's family and they're the ones who have been stocking the fridge and cabinets lately. My mother in law is constantly pushing cow's milk and eggs on our son even though my husband and I are both lactose intolerant and I have an egg allergy/intolerance. I've had to deal with a lot of processed and canned foods and my son has been refusing to eat any of it. I can't wait to get into our new house and stock the fridge and cupboards with all the nutritional things our son is used to eating. Some parents don't understand the value of a well planned, fresh meal, especially in this day and age where convenience is more important than being concerned of how their children eat..

  2. J and I always buy two gallons of milk. I drink the stuff like water and we eat a lot of cereal. I also use it in the breads I've been baking. We just go through it in a week.

    I'm trying to cut down on the amount of processed things that I eat because I know all of the extra sodium and such isn't good for me.

    I love couscous, especially with fresh sauteed cauliflower. So yum!

    Best of luck with your move!

  3. So true! I'm confused as to why we think it's a good idea to drink something intended to nourish baby calf's? Humans are not meant to consume cow milk (in my opinion). It's such a regular staple in most households though, people look at you crazy if you say that you don't drink it! Lol! Those pops look delicious!

    Solstice treats in the fairy garden, I love it! :)

  4. We've been off of cows milk for about 10 years now - and I've just started making my own almond milk. So easy, and so yummy. I worry about our girls getting too much soy, drinking soy milk (they also love soy-based veggie burgers) so this is a great alternative.
    Those pops look yummy!

  5. I love your natural parenting ways.. WOudl you be interested in a natural parenting column in PaganPages?

    Much Love,


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